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Katie Crouch: Copywriter and Word Person

Helloooo, world!

(It’s my inaugural blog post. No presh.)

(As I write this, KC Copy is pretty darn close to being open for business! If you’re reading this, she’s up and running—wheee!)

So…who is this KC of KC Copy? It’s me. Me me me me. I am completely dedicated to writing about you and your business but this post is a little bit about moi.

KC is me, Katie Crouch. They called me KC at my old job due to the number of Katies, and my full name was unavailable due to being associated with porn (don’t worry, I’ll write about that soon), so KC Copy it is!

Besides the 9 rando things about me on my About page, I thought I’d share a little bit more about how I ended up here, on the verge of launching a 7-figure copywriting business. (No harm in setting intentions early, right?)

Well, I’m going to risk being cliché by saying I’m a copywriter who is… a word person. I love words! Yeah, I said it.

Like so many word people, I was born this way. If I can’t describe something in words, it quite possibly didn’t happen; and, if it did, I certainly don’t know how to understand it or where to file it.

On the flip side, if I CAN describe it in words, something I’ve worked hard my whole life to do well, I become an all-powerful narrator. I can massage the expression of the thing until it says exactly what it needs to say.

Yes, I could credit myself with being in relentless pursuit of truth and beauty (and sometimes a teensy bit of revisionist history) but, frankly, it’s always been my natural compulsion to use words to process the messiness of life. 

In my childhood, this looked like piles of journals and many hours tying up the landline to break down middle school drama with BFFs. In college this meant angsty poetry. More recently, I dissected the emotional highs and lows of dating, fertility, and parenting in a decade’s worth of blog posts (hopefully a book will come out of this at some point because I feel like I was just getting warmed up).

At my publishing job, where I did more number-crunching than word-writing, I relished the opportunity to write sensitive emails whenever they needed to be written, loving the nuance and weight of each word choice. I was called upon by my team to eyeball and wordsmith whenever there was an important piece of copy going out. I started applying this skill all over the place. It felt like doing yummy Wordles.

Eventually, I stumbled across the copywriting world. I started taking courses and applying copywriting principles and all of the above-mentioned skills to create other people’s content AS A JOB and EUREKA, it worked! My clients were happy and THEIR clients were happy!

One of my web copy clients forwarded me this, which she received through the contact form on her website: “I posted a portion of your web copy below. EVERY sentence spoke to me. I found you via Google search. Your writing is engaging; it felt hopeful. I need your help! :)”

My client said to me, “Can’t get any better than this!”

I found and find this truly energizing. So I dreamed about KC Copy for a few years and now here we are launching this baby.

What I’m trying to say is this: I’ve spent a lifetime fine-tuning this skill and now I can’t wait to help you create messaging precisely calibrated to your ideal clients. 

I want your future clients to hear you in your truest, clearest voice. I want to help you break down any obstacles (copy-related or otherwise) that stand between your clients and your business. I want your clients to see how you’ll solve their problems and be an absolute freaking pleasure to work with in all respects.

I’m here for you! Open for biz, mama! Email me if you need help with web copy, email copy, and copy strategy. LFG! XO

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