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You probably know this, but a copywriter is someone who uses words to persuade a person to do or buy something. Websites, emails, sales pages, ads, and the airplane banners that fly over stadiums are all examples of copy written by copywriters.

On top of that, a copywriter can be a partner, a coach, a therapist (haha not really! But kind of…), and, importantly, an accountabilibuddy. 

Running a business can be stressful and isolating. Putting your fragile dream into the world can be terrifying. A copywriter can be a friendly guide who organizes your thoughts and plans, validates your ideas, and takes a big-ass project off your plate.

(P.S. Copywriting has nothing at all to do with copyrighting (different spelling!), which is about protecting the rights of intellectual property holders, and is definitely what people think I said at cocktail parties when they ask what type of work I do.)

  • Is your copy not resonating with your ideal clients?
  • Is your copy lacking spice?
  • Does your copy feel inauthentic like it’s written in someone else’s voice?
  • Do you feel lost and lonely when you think about next steps in your rebrand? 


If any of these ring true, and if your copy isn’t bringing the results you want, then you need a copywriter.

And some copywriters (like me) can bring much more than copy, including perspective (I work with tons of other small businesses!), camaraderie (I also run a small business!), and positive reinforcement (hey, you’ve got this!).


Yay! Let’s totally work together. When you click the “Schedule a Chat” button, it will take you to my brief contact form, which will ask you for your name, email, and a few basic questions about the project you have in mind. Once you click “send,” you can expect me to reach out within 24 hours to set up a 20-minute chat via phone or Zoom (whichever you prefer!). 

This initial call is free and gives me a chance to capture some basic info about your project and how it fits into your business goals. Following this call, I’ll put together a detailed proposal for your consideration, along with a timeline and pricing information.

(For more information on what happens after that, please visit my How it Works page.

I do! Once you reach out via my contact form, I’ll be happy to send it in advance of our discovery call.

When we have our 20-minute chat, please let me know if you have a set budget for the project. It helps a lot to know this up front! I won’t propose anything that goes over.

Knowing your budget up front allows me to pack all the necessary nuggets in and leave out any not-as-critical bells and whistlesso you get what you need at a price that works for you.

Once you sign a contract and pay 50%, I’ll slot you in as soon as my schedule allows. The contract will spell out the due date for each deliverable, so there will be no guesswork on your end. Most projects take around 6–8 weeks, depending on their complexity.

Yes, ma’am! I wrote the copy for these small business websites:

I can share other types of work upon request if relevant to your project, including email sequences, case studies, back cover copy, and more.

I do not! I’m not a designer.

That said, I can create wireframes to show how I would recommend your copy be laid out. And I’m happy to work with your designer directly! I love a good collab. And I find that copy and design work most harmoniously when the copywriter, designer, and client work together as a team.

Absolutely! I’m lucky to know some brilliant and talented people and I will share my recs. I partner with some of them regularly and I’m happy to help you assemble a team.

Yup. Let’s do a 20-minute chat so I can understand what you’re wrestling with, and come up with a plan for figuring out a plan.
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