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Naming my business (and what porn had to do with it)

A blue "open" sign hangs in a shop window above the generic shop name "SHOP."

Every writer knows that it’s way harder to write something short than it is to write something long. In a nutshell (ha), brevity can be challenging. That’s because the shorter a piece, the more precise each word must be. Now: consider the challenge of naming a business. In just one or two or three words, […]

Why Writing Your Own Website Copy is So GD Hard

Why Writing Your Own Website Copy is So GD Hard

It would be predictable of me to try to convince you that DIY-ing your site is the absolute worst idea ever and you should hire a copywriter. But that’s not why I want to share my own experience of writing my own site. I want to share it because I want everyone to know just […]

Katie Crouch: Copywriter and Word Person

KC Copy - Katie Crouch: Copywriter and Word Person

Helloooo, world! (It’s my inaugural blog post. No presh.) (As I write this, KC Copy is pretty darn close to being open for business! If you’re reading this, she’s up and running—wheee!) So…who is this KC of KC Copy? It’s me. Me me me me. I am completely dedicated to writing about you and your […]

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