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About KC Copy

Share your business with clarity and confidence​

Tell your story in a way that’s authentic to you.

It’s not just you—writing about yourself and your business is tough, especially when you’re trying to do it solo. As your writing partner, I’ll listen hard, push back on limiting beliefs, pitch ideas, and polish your copy until it shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

You’re nervous about choosing a copywriter because…

There are many unknowns and it’s a big investment—in your business, yourself, and your future.

What if it’s not a good fit? What if it’s not the right process? What if your voice sounds weird, i.e. not like you?

It’s OK to be scared and do it anyway—that’s how you started your business, right?

But, first, I want to turn some of those “unknowns” into “knowns,” by telling you a little bit about moi.

I’m obsessed with…

You and your business have limitless profound, defining, and, let’s be honest, weird qualities. I’ll help you identify the details and stories that will resonate best with your clients—and then write them up in a way that connects. Details that seem ho-hum to you will be awe-inspiring or endearing to your target audience. I’m not interested in creating a fake persona to stand in for “you” or using slang like “hot DOG!” or too many swears if you would never say that in any real-life circumstance. Trying to be someone you’re not will always fall flat. Being your extra self brings in lifelong fans. We’ll keep everything radically honest so you’re always showcasing your absolute, truest, best.

You know that awesome thing you’re loving right now that you go on and on about to anyone who will listen? Mine is oat milk. Basically, I give oat milk a LOT of free publicity because I can’t even believe how delicious and creamy it is (especially in my coffee) and how it changed my life instantly. Marketing should be like that. We’re NOT here to manipulate people to feel like crap so they’ll spend money on feeling better. Overpromising on results? Creating false scarcity? Pushy and shaming sales tactics are icky. Unrestrained enthusiasm about a legitimately awesome product is persuasive for all the best reasons.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of business owners, including consultants, coaches, and creatives—all doing gorgeous, healing, life-changing work for their clients. It’s an honor to support this work! I strive to work with businesses that are ethical, respectful, and generally making things better out there. I salute you and you inspire me daily.

*I’d especially love to work with you if you’re part of a population that faces discrimination related to race, sexuality, disability, age, religion, or gender identity. I’d love to help represent and celebrate your business in a way that brings you max success—and I hope you’ll feel extra welcome here.

…and assembling them in a way that brings the magic!

"Working with Katie was so easy and so impactful. She’s an awesome writer, and her talents go way beyond that. She listens. Really listens. She helps you get at your truth and then puts it into words that sing just the right tune."

Beryl Greenberg Testimonial

Beryl Greenberg
Executive & Career Coach, Coaching by BERYL

About Katie Crouch Founder KC Copy

KC Copy = Katie Crouch, Copywriter

I’ve always felt compelled to offer writing help to friends and colleagues (even when they didn’t ask for it).

From my college days as a creative writing/comp lit/French major through my 20+ years in publishing (mostly spent with educational publisher McGraw Hill), I believed, and still believe, that anyone gearing up to do something fabulous in the world deserves to be heard in their clearest, truest, and most persuasive voice.

And I know how to make that happen for you.

I discovered copywriting as a viable career choice when my friend Janet texted me an inspiring article about a super-successful copywriter who became my shining example of what was possible.

After that, I couldn’t stop daydreaming about merging my three dreams: 1. to write for a living, 2. to help people, and 3. to work for myself!

So I started devouring all the copywriting podcasts, courses, and communities I could find, and began building my experience working with clients.

In 2022, I launched KC Copy.

I’m grateful to be able to use my skills to help talented women small business owners tell their stories in a way that attracts the exact people who need their stellar product or service to precisely solve a problem. It’s win win win win win.

"I originally reached out to Katie because I appreciated her writing style on LinkedIn and her weekly newsletter. She shared many insightful ideas and thought-starters for me to consider as we worked through the process--her approach is collaborative and thorough. It was great having her as a thought partner!"

Stacye Thrasher Brim
Founder & Principal Consultant, 
STB Consulting

9 more rando things about me:

  1. I’m a Michigander, U-M grad, and lover of lakes.
  2. Je parle français! C’est vrai en plus.
  3. I played violin in a band in San Francisco for many years—ask your smart speaker to play songs by “Making Dinner.”
  4. My pronouns are she/her. (What are yours?)
  5. I live outside Chicago in Oak Park, where we are on Central Time, and say, “Ope!”
  6. I’m a mom of two and I’ve blogged for many years about my experience of solo parenthood here: The Solo Mama Project
  7. There’s another Katie Crouch, my doppelgänger—also a writer but more of an author. I’m not her! We’ve had so many virtual entanglements that we each wrote about them for Ozy. Check out her essay, “The Other Me” and my rebuttal, “Doppelgängers Unite?” (Be sure to scroll down past the blank gray page; these essays are brought to you via the Wayback Machine because Ozy has since gone under.) We were also interviewed about our stories for the Snap Judgment podcast which is frequently aired on NPR: “Katie v. Katie: One in a Million.” The saga continues…
  8. Key components of my writing process: meditation, time in the outdoors, coffee, and twirling my hair.
  9. I heart you for reading this far!
9 More Rando Things about Katie Crouch
Current Member of Confident Copywriting
Copywriting Master Class Graduate
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