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level up your biz with some copy love

Struggling to put your small business into words?

I can help you elevate and amplify your unique brand of brilliance.

It’s your time to shine!

level up your biz with some copy love

Struggling to put your small business into words?

I can help you elevate and amplify your unique brand of brilliance.

It’s your time to shine!

Be your loud, proud, authentic self

be your loud, proud, authentic self

Attract and delight your ideal clients

attract and delight your ideal clients

Enjoy and trust the process

enjoy and trust the process

"Katie is KIND and has good energy. It felt like therapy. Tons of other people can write content. Not everyone can help pull hopes and dreams out of an entrepreneur who is scared to share their dream with the world."

Kristin Raack Testimonial

Kristin Raack
Founder & Principal, AltruNext

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Hi, I’m Katie!

If you’re getting ready to do something awesome with your small business, I want to write for you.

It’s hard to do this for yourself. And much easier for me to do for you! It helps that I have a lot of practice and don’t actually live inside your head!

When you hire a small business copywriter (me), you’re not only outsourcing the writing (yay) but you’re also gaining a partner in crime (but, hello, not for crimes).

I’ll write for you—and I’ll also become invested in your success.

I’ll show up with perspectives, ideas, gentle suggestions, and, if you’re local, oat milk lattes.

Believe it or not, this process can be fun and surprising and enlightening!

Let’s put more of your awesomeness into the world together, because it surely needs it.

I’d love to work with you.

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"Working with Katie was so easy and so impactful. She’s an awesome writer, and her talents go way beyond that. She listens. Really listens. She helps you get at your truth and then puts it into words that sing just the right tune."

Beryl Greenberg Testimonial

Beryl Greenberg
Coaching by BERYL

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Enjoy and trust the process

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"When it was time to take my growing business to the next level, I hired Katie to help me refine my brand positioning and rework my company website. As someone with an extensive background in developing marketing programs for a boatload of brands, I still found it very challenging to know how to articulate what made my own service offering unique. Katie excelled at helping me boil it down into clear, compelling language. She’s much more than a writer—she’s also a strategic thinker who led a development process that resulted in website content that speaks directly to my target audience. And she’s a delight to work with!"

Gary Duke Testimonial

Gary Duke
Managing Partner, Chief Talent Officer
ild Blue Yonder, Inc.

why should I work with KC Copy?

There’s plenty of copy out there that doesn’t work. It’s usually too somethingtoo cutesy, too boring, too stiff, or maybe it’s trying too hard by using big words and attempting to sound smart. Here’s the deal: if your copy is too something, it’s probably because it’s not enough YOU. The language of your business should sound the way you speak (natural, clear, and uncomplicated), as you describe your mission to create positive change in the lives of your clients.

I’ll tune in to this voice and recreate it in a way that’s simultaneously comfy, flattering, and honest. (With some quirky details mixed in.) 

Your copy also needs to match the language running through the minds of your potential clients. When you say exactly the thing that’s pressing on their own minds using the very same words and phrases, they’ll KNOW that you get them—and that you can help.

I’ll survey and interview your clients and then repackage their own language into your copy. Future clients will read it and feel a tiny bit spooked at how much you got inside their head. Their next emotion will be relief that they found a solution!

It’s uncanny how many people come to me after having a bad experience with a copywriter. This makes me even more committed to creating a process that forges a seamless collaboration from start to finish—one that convinces you I’m a worthy partner and KC Copy is your copy home.

I’ll set clear expectations up front, walk you through my process, and check in with you at many points along the way to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises. Beyond that, you can expect me to engage with you in a way that’s professional, reliable, and, gosh, human. I care.

Why Should I Work with KC Copy?

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